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Dream Pillows

Dream pillows are normally filled with dried herbs and placed under the pillow at night to aid with sleep & dreams. You can make a small pillow out of natural fabric or fill a small mesh or organza bag.

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Herbs for your dream pillow:

Mugwort: Used to activate dreams.  Good for people who have a hard time remembering their dreams.  Can bring colorful, wild, Alice-in-Wonderland types of dreams.

Be careful, because for some people, mugwort can be too stimulating. Mugwort can bring overwhelming dream activity and I’ve heard many reports from people who say they felt like their night with mugwort was too busy and they didn’t get enough rest.


Chamomile:  Brings calm, peaceful sleep.  Chamomile can also help relieve nightmares in both children and adults.

Chamomile has a sweet, apple-like aroma and is good for releasing fear, anxiety, and agitation in both waking and dream states.  Can also be used for insomnia. Particularly useful for those seeking good luck, and can be quite helpful when seeking love and prosperity. It's aromatic scent also helps soothe mind & body, making is useful for mediation. 

Lemon Balm:  Is both calming and uplifting.  Lemon Balm can be useful for dreamers who suffer from stress, depression and/or anxiety.

Lemon balm brings healing to trauma in both waking and sleeping states.  Lemon balms gentle wholesome scent is often used to break negative energy & renenutralize a room or area. 





Lavender:  Depending on the amount, lavender can be either calming or stimulating.   A pinch of lavender in your dream pillow can relieve stress, tension and headaches.

In larger amounts, lavender helps to open our third eye and crown chakras and activates our powers of intuition.  Lavender can also be used for divinatory dreams. Lavender Flowers (Lavandula angustifolia) Lavender flowers are often used for spells of love and healing as well as to seek inner peace, or work spells of prosperity and protection. For a milder scent use Spanish Lavender. 


Peppermint:  Peppermint Leaf (Mentha piperita) Of potent use in creating visionary dreams and psychic ability, Peppermint is also famous for its fresh aromatic fragrance. The fragrance can help give a calming effect. 





Spearmint(Mentha spicata)A great herb and used widely. It can be invigorating for the mind, senses, and psychic awareness as an aromatic. Also Spearmint is useful in dream and mojo bags to call positive bright energy.




Rosemary:  Rosemary (Rosemary officials) Traditionally, Rosemary is known for increasing memory and being a powerful aid in spells of love and romance. 

An old saying is “Rosemary for remembrance.”  Rosemary helps us to remember our dreams.  It also connects us to memories that may have been lost or forgotten.  When dreaming with rosemary, these memories may surface in the dream state.


Rose:  Brings a feeling of love to our dreams.  Rose has been traditionally used to bring prophetic dreams of one’s beloved.

Rose can also be used to help heal the heart from grief and heartbreak.  It can be added to dream pillows to bring a feeling of love and warmth to the dreamer and the dreams. 

Used since the Romans in celebration of special events and the worship of the Gods, these pink rose petals are often used within ritual practices for happiness, emotional balance, and love spells.


After adjusting the amount of herbs it to your personal needs add a few drops of an essential oil for add fragrance and potency. Most of the herbs listed above are available in essential oils. Just pick the one you need or your favorite scent. 


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